After years of research and hundreds of iterations,
we finished the development of this new material
that has several unique benefits:

·It allows us to create more than a billion different color, pattern, thickness and softness combinations, making this the dream material for any design team.

·It is made from 100% recycled components.

·It can be made with both pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. This component
is crucial, as it allows us to create circular value chains for our customers by upcycling their own textile waste into other products they are already procuring.

·It doesn’t require any water or chemicals for its production, saving millions of gallons of water normally used for farming and dyeing processes.

·It is 3x more durable than the average woven material

·It is made by the hundreds of artisans we are already impacting, as well as new communities who will be joining our network. Thanks to this, we can make millions
of square meters per month starting today.

·Thanks to economies of scale and nearshoring benefits, our cost vs similar non-sustainable materials is extremely competitive, particularly for US and Latin America-based customers.

Our main goal with this material is to make social and sustainable procurement of textile products a no-brainer, removing the friction most large companies are facing in transitioning their supply chains to more people & planet-friendly options.

We’ll be launching several new partnerships with global brands to show just a few
of its potential applications (eg: accessories, apparel, footwear, uniforms, amenities, homeware)

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