We collaborate with hundreds of rural artisans to craft the best items for your journey, and we are on a mission to lift millions of people out of poverty. We work with +300 artisans in 7 of Mexico’s poorest states to apply traditional handcrafts on clothing and accessories to create quality, on-trend products.

We believe in a world without poverty. We’re committed to providing regular and fair job opportunities while promoting the conservation of millenary traditions through enduring goods.

Our People Strategy centers around generating fair and consistent job opportunities for everyone in our value chain. We develop and share best practices among the artisanal and manufacturing sectors while connecting them with the rest of the planet in a responsible way.

Our Planet Strategy first focuses on measuring the ecological footprints of our products and processes, reducing our impacts from product design to last-mile delivery, and offsetting the remaining carbon emissions.


Create innovative products that integrate artisans’ work, generating fair and consistent jobs that protect our planet through a responsible value chain.


To be one of the world’s leading conscious companies by manufacturing innovative products, positively impacting our planet and its people.

SMETA: In addition to our purpose and guided by our sustainability strategy, focused on people and the planet, we continue committing ourselves to the highest international standards of corporate sustainability.

We are currently in the certification process with SMETA, one of the world’s most widely used audits, to understand and improve our supply chain’s ethics, working conditions, and environmental performance.

For more information, go to: https://www.sedex.com/solutions/smeta-audit/

Certifying factories and artisan groups:

The international certifications with which we are committed invite us also to certify our suppliers, our people, who compose and enrich our value chain. We have already taken the initiative to design, test, and evaluate according to our minimum compliance standards, in line with national and international standards. These standards have allowed us to make essential improvements at a social and environmental level, both for artisan groups and manufacturing companies. We will continue to generate products with the highest quality while looking to close the gap between formality and informality within both sectors and, in turn, allow these producers and suppliers to continue developing through other business opportunities, increasing their possibilities and their economic and social conditions.

Reducing emissions:

Although we have achieved a significant milestone by certifying our carbon emissions under the Climate Neutral standard, this is only one step within a long path towards climate responsibility and obligation as a company and industry. The commitment acquired by buying carbon offsets concerning the emissions we generate implies constant review, measurement, and adaptation of our production processes. We will continue to evaluate the total operations of our value chain, adapting those where it is possible to reduce or even avoid emissions and mitigating those where it is impossible to make reductions, actively participating in selecting carbon capture projects. We continue to bet on products made sustainably and invite everyone to make responsible consumption

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