Our label


Is for the artisans that make each product and for the people who use them.


Is for the communities that they come from.


98% of the artisans are women.

Someone somewhere works with 180 artisans

Across five of Mexico's poorest states


The five artisanal techniques:

Waist loom, Chicotillo loom, Hand Embroidery, Pepenado, and Alebrije Hand Painting.

Created by culture

Someone somewhere engages communities in alignment with the philosophy of "buen vivir" which is the Spanish translation of living in harmony with the community, family, nature, and the cosmos. Buen vivir, or good living, "describes a way of doing things that is community-centric, ecologically-balanced and culturally-sensitive". We try to communicate this ethos across everything we create.

We seek to connect you with the thousands of artisans who live in vulnerable conditions to boost their development and contribute to their well-being. We combine their traditional crafts with pieces designed for you, creating products with a positive impact both for those who use them and those who make them. Through fair trade with artisan communities, we can contribute to the development and preservation of their traditions. The way we do it is through products that you can use in your day to day, creating a direct link between you and the talented artisans of Mexico.

A B corp is a type of corporation that uses market's power to provide concrete solutions to social and environmental problems.

Our impact


  • Increasing income and ensure fair wages without causing strain to family dynamics.
  • Provide steady and diversified sources of income to artisans.
  • Reduce deprivation; beneficial to artisan aspirations and local economy.


  • Empowerment of women; recognized as an independent, income-earning group.
  • Increase family well-being; enable artisans to balance responsibilities at home and still work.
  • Improve communication and business skills; results in influence over community decisions.


  • Preserve culture by incorporating artisan techniques, tools, and designs into every product and encouraging new generations to continue the tradition.
  • Bridging the gap between cultures through clothes and accessories.
  • Reinforce that identity and heritage is positive for current generations, combating the negative impression that the Internet, news, and media portray.


  • Invest in and value artisanal goods to raise the livable wage for artisans.
  • Prove retail supply chain model with artisans, manufacturers, and designers; demonstrating artisanal goods can scale as a business.
  • Appeal to the socially conscious millennial market to increase fair trade and employment opportunities.

30% of our product cost goes to the artisan

Someone Somewhere pays artisans 51% higher wages than the national wage.*

* Source: Desarrollo al Cubo, social consulting bureau

And 37% higher wages than the global fair wage guide minimum.**

** Source: Desarrollo al Cubo, social consultin bureau

Our process

01 Research team

Our main goal is to improve the quality of life for the most artisan communities. Because of this, we are constantly looking for new textile techniques and skilled artisans to work with.

02 Design team

Our other goal is to create products that you like. Our in-house design team works with global trend agencies, analyzes customer preferences, and artisans directly to design products that create connections with you, the consumer.

03 Artisans

Artisans analyze the textile possibilities that uphold their traditional iconography and culture in order to create pieces that synchronize with consumer demand. These pieces are then incorporated into final products.

04 Production

Across each artisan community there is a leader that acts as the liaison between artisans and design. The leader scales production, organizes orders, and manages deadlines, and quality. This makes it easier for artisans and our design team to focus on the things they care about most.

All of our products are then assembled in warehouses in Mexico City, not far away from our headquarters. This allows us to closely monitor the process as we scale our business, grow our product line, and most importantly, learn.

05 Distribution

Once produced, the goods are sent to our distribution center nearby in Mexico City, ready to be shipped anywhere in Mexico or the United States.

06 From Mexico to the World

Across each artisan community there is a leader that acts as the liaison between artisans and design. The leader scales production, organizes orders, and manages deadlines and quality.This makes it easier for artisans and our design team to focuson the things they care about the most.